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We help forward-thinking business leaders, C level executives and entrepreneurs deliver on the promise of human-centered businesses. Use a wholistic under-standing of the Earth,  Man and Cosmos, to harness and work with your vision of the future, delivering valuable, sustainable business and social results.


Level Three applies systems thinking and developmental principles to strategize the integrated impact of the change on your business’ culture, infrastructure and business processes. This approach ensures the achievement of sustainable results and compresses the time to reach critical mass adoption, as compared with conventional thinking.

The primary elements that are custom designed to fit your change initiative are the following:

  • Re-conceptualize the initiative as a comprehensive and enspiriting “call to action” that evokes the will and commitment of everyone to succeed in the face of difficulties and unknowns;
  • Help you build a business case for the change initiative that is worthy of support from every stakeholder group’s perspective, and develop a “compelling story” that captures the meaning and significance of the change to them.
  • Conduct a change readiness assessment up-front, with your leaders’ involvement, to ensure that the change process begins from the appropriate foundation, with no one left behind.
  • Work with your top leadership group to develop a “course of action” that is sufficiently comprehensive and actionable for people to be able to see what will be required of them;
  • Introduce and guide processes to build the needed commitment, alignment and accountability throughout the organization;
  • Develop the capabilities in everyone to adopt the change and become more effective with it;
  • Sustain audit, evaluation, improvement and communication processes throughout implementation to maintain thrust and energy for the change;
  • Measure and track organizational adoption and operational mastery of the change until sustainability is achieved.

Please contact our Change Practice Director for additional information.