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A recent study by IBM, in conjunction with several research groups, discovered that the returns on investment (ROI) in IT services can be measured. In order to do so, we must go beyond measuring improved efficiencies and productivity in existing business processes, and include the value of their IT investments to business growth and evolution. This includes their value in innovating on products and services, gaining competitive advantage, expanding existing markets, creating new markets, and even shifting their industry infrastructure.

However, the study attributed these gains only to firms that manage their IT investments effectively. This means several things, in our judgment:

  • Strategic planning for electronic support systems as a part of the strategic planning process for the business whole;
  • IT project management effectiveness, including managing projects and their adoption as an integrated whole;
  • Longer-term planning for the growth and evolution of IT systems to match the characteristics and needs of the intended growth of the business;
  • Effective leadership of the day-to-day IT effort.

On average, according to the study, firms whose IT investments were managed effectively realized a 68% annual return on those investments.

Level Three can help your company gain control over this situation and create the conditions under which your information services deliver improved results and ROI. With our help, you can return your IT systems to their rightful place as integrated support systems in service to the business whole.