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We help forward-thinking business leaders, C level executives and entrepreneurs deliver on the promise of human-centered businesses. Use a wholistic under-standing of the Earth,  Man and Cosmos, to harness and work with your vision of the future, delivering valuable, sustainable business and social results.


Today’s Business Requirements are Simple and Straightforward:

  • Save Time/Money
  • Grow Sales
  • Improve Productivity/Strategic Clarity
  • Reduce/Prevent Errors
  • Do More with Less

We help you achieve these goals by helping you and your people to perform better. How?

We help:

  • Leaders pinpoint “hard” measurements for “soft skill” issues saving time/money
  • Leaders, as individuals or groups, zero in on an executable course of action
  • Leaders overcome communication conflicts & roadblocks, reducing errors
  • Reduce the resistance to necessary changes that leaders outline, improving productivity
  • Leaders to cause teams to go the extra distance needed by helping create more “want to.”
  • Your people discover how to work better as a team, doing more with less
  • Your team discover how to communicate more effectively, regardless of the style used.


We charge by the project, what its benefit can be for you.  We guide ourselves by the following service principle:  “We are committed to providing value.  You pay us what you think we are worth.  This even includes ‘nothing at all.’”For additional information contact:


    James D. Johnson
    Managing Partner
    Level Three Performance Solutions
    (775) 828-6161

    e-mail: jjohnson@L3PS.com